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Magic Mirror built with Raspberry PI

Breathing life into ideas with 24+ years of coding magic.✨

Got an idea that needs an MvP, or a SaaS maybe?

Are you excited about the latest breakthroughs in Generative AI, and the evolving landscape of ChatGPT, LLM, and OpenAI? Do you want to use GenAI in your existing product, or do you have an idea for a new AI product? You need an experienced developer to build that MVP for you, end-to-end, and quickly.

Or do you have a SaaS idea tackling a rather complex problem? You've got the vision, but do you find yourself getting lost in that tech-stack maze? Concerned about security, authorization, API access control, database performance and more? You need a seasoned techie by your side who's been in the trenches, and has delivered.

That's where I can help. I have navigated those waters multiple times. I can turn your idea into a slick MVP quickly, or I can transform your vision into a robust SaaS system (though that won't be quick! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

With 24+ years of battle-tested experience in software development, I've successfully delivered numerous tech products that perform flawlessly. I enjoy crafting elegant solutions for complex problems and am always hands-on, ready to dive into the code and make it work.

Want to explore how I can help you? Check out GenAI demos in action, and feel free to drop a message or schedule a call. 

Sanjay Kale
Stack Identity
Manish built many big-ticket items. He is someone whom you can rely on without any doubts in mind – he assumes ownership of the component/feature completely.
John R. Hoffman, PhD
Circus Software, USA
Manish managed 325000+ SLOCs of Java EE code, numerous MySQL tables, their synchronization with external data sources, as well as the entire Velocity/JavaScript front-end.
Navin Kabra, PhD
Co-founder, CTO
Manish is one of the rare techies who have been in the industry for a long time, but continue to be hands on, and combines an ability to do complex things quickly and well.
Alexander Polev
One Point Consulting, UK
CTO/Lead Architect
Manish was able to quickly dive into the complex solution we were building and became productive. He goes the extra mile to make sure what he delivers is of high quality.
Andrey Bazhin
Indie Maker
I would like to appreciate Manish - his advice and help with bootstrapping my blog are priceless.


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Career Craft AI

AI tools for Job Seekers (micro-SaaS)

Cloud Access Security Platform

Cloud Security Platform

Cloud Access Risk Monitoring (CARM) Platform

OMR: Computer Vision App


ComputerVision/OMR App on Android

Suicide reporting nudge bot

Twitter Bot (NLP)

Twitter bot for sensitive suicide reporting



Contactless Informed Consent App

Vaultium: Secure document management


Secure document management solution

MLS realtor solution

Realtor MLS System

Realtor SaaS platform for the USA market

FoodieMagic: Community for food lovers


Community for foodies



Technical & Creative Writings


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