Experience & Expertise

I am a full-stack/backend developer and solution architect with over 24 years of experience. I've built a diverse range of tech products - from mobile apps to big monoliths and microservices.   I've been (largely) working remotely since 2003 with distributed teams from USA, UK, and India. I have developed large B2B applications, SaaS (with Python frameworks for the past 9+ years, and Java frameworks earlier), AI/ML solutions (computer vision, ChatGPT, and generative AI), Android apps (Kotlin and Flutter), along with some IoT prototypes, electronic models using Raspberry Pi and Arduino kits. Take a peek at my portfolio for a glimpse of my work, though please note that some projects are not shown as they are not in the public domain.
How can I help?

Need assistance in finding the perfect technology stack for your product? I'll guide you. Want your idea transformed into a prototype/MVP? Leave it to me. Seeking expert advice on system architecture? I could be your go-to solution architect. As a seasoned developer, I excel in building robust services and backends. Plus, I'm well-versed in implementing remote-first culture and best practices. Let's explore what works best for you.
How do I add value?

With a mix of extensive technology experience and diverse interests as a multipotentialite, I bring a unique, multi-disciplinary perspective to the table. This allows me to offer more creative solutions for your challenges.
How I like to work

I love bringing ideas to life and I thrive with autonomy and flexibility. Long-term engagements allow me to add significant value and deliver my best work. If this resonates with you, let's connect to explore further possibilities together.

Python Python

Python frameworks - Flask, FastAPI, Django/DRF for web and RESTful APIs.

AI/ML Machine Learning (AI)

Experimenting with generative AI, building applications with ChatGPT, DALL.E etc.

PostgreSQL PostgreSQL/MySQL

Achieved 70x faster response time with Materialized Views and Recursive Query.


Built cloud security (Identity Access Risk) platform.

Android Android

Built apps with Kotlin/Java (OMR scanner, others), as well as Flutter (MediConsent).

Java Java

Java/J2EE frameworks (before 2015) - Spring, Alfresco, Struts. SCJP beta tester for Sun.

Magic mirror
True Colors
Smart Parking
Hackathons: Wikipedia & Google

Side Projects

  • L & D Tools:

    This is a prototype/PoC app. The learning and development professionals or HR/OD consultants use several inventories/tools for people development. This app is demonstrates one such test - True Colors

Prototypes & Toys

  • Smart mirror:

    Built with Raspberry PI. It shows personal calendar, appointments, latest news, weather forecasts etc. The information is configurable. I plan to add support for voice commands to this smart mirror. One of these days...
  • Smart Parking:

    This is a model of parking occupancy indicator made with IR sensors alone, without Arduino or any other kit. Can be cascaded for count of occupied/empty parking at a mall/complex.

Other Activities

  • Wikipedia:

    Contributed to the MediaWiki Mobile App using PhoneGap during MediaWiki Pune Hackathon, in Feb 2012. I added 2 new enhancements to the 'Nearby Search' feature.
  • GDG/Google:

    Participated in Google Hackathon, Pune GDG in January 2013 and developed an emergency help android app prototype in 24 hours inspired by Delhi gang rape case that took place in Dec 2012.
  • J@Whiz:

    Co-author of the leading Java certification products including J@Whiz 1.4 by Whizlabs, nominated for the best Java training products by JDJ.
  • Java FAQ:

    Contributed to Java-GUI FAQs.
  • CK editor:

    Contributed a patch to open source project FCK editor.
  • Technical reviewer:

    Involved as a technical reviewer for the book J2EE 1.4: The Big Picture by Solveig Haugland, and Kathy Sierra's books Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 and Head First Java.
  • SCJP Beta tester:

    Participated as a Beta Tester for Sun's SCJP 1.4 exam in 2002.

Still reading...?

Now that you have scrolled so far, let me tell you a story about my sabbatical and quirky explorations.

Beyond software, I keep exploring intriguing rabbit-holes, chasing my eclectic interests. It's like an exhilarating treasure hunt, with new discoveries awaiting at every turn.

One such rabbit-hole is Design - I have studied Product Design/Innovation and HCI through courses at IDC, IIT Bombay. Another rabbit-hole is Psychology - I have completed a few courses in Psychology, and as a Certified Psychometric Test Professional, I occasionally help people with career decisions.

I've also explored experiential education, Buddhist psychology, film-appreciation (and yes, I'd happy to host a workshop).

Well, those fascinating rabbit holes keep pulling me in, and I can't resist diving in.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Transformative Sabbatical

In 2014, I decided I'd had enough of adulting. I bravely escaped the daily grind, and granted myself a sabbatical. I wandered the Himalayas, started FoodieMagic.com, conducted workshops, and developed some profound insights about myself.

Amidst this adventure, it became obvious — I'm more than just a worker bee. I want to nurture the parts of me that are not tied to my work, so that they bloom, not wither away. They bring joy that money can't buy.

I shared my insights in a talk at PUVU/ThoughtWorks, followed by a series of 7 blogposts, ultimately culminating in My Zen Path - a rabbit-hole that I can't stop exploring. Come, join me there.
Happy Multipotentiailte